Monday, 11 September 2017

Name:  Naysha
Age: 10
Nationality: Hindi and English
Best known for:  The art collages because you use different materials and it  looks unique Influences:  I chose a Blueberry and the color is blue.
Purpose of artwork:  the purpose was to use different shades but the same color in a piece of art  
Creation of artwork:  The process was to chose one object and to draw it. Then I  got magazines and cut different shades of blue and stick them on. Lastly we cut it out and stuck it on black paper.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

W.A.L.T: make connections

      Explaining the importance of the note

On my NZ note I would put Queen Elizabeth, the kiwi, the Buckingham palace and the cordial flower. I would put  the Queen on my note because she is an important person in England but she is also important  to NZ by making governor rules.  Also I would put  the Native bird of NZ the kiwi on the note because the kiwi is very rare and special to NZ. The Buckingham palace is on my note because it was when Queen Elizabeth supported the All Blacks in 2005. I would put the cordial flower on my note because it is a native plant in NZ. I would make my note gradient green because it stands out and that the colour of what Queen Elizabeth is on. I would make the shape to be a rectangle because that's what the shape of the notes look like in New Zealand.


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

W.A.L.T: create a set of instructions for a recipe

Sunday hot chocolate

Cocoa powder 2 teaspoons                    Milk   ½ cups
Vanilla Ice-cream 1 scoop                     Sugar 2 and a half teaspoons of sugar
Mini marshmallows                              Vanilla extract  ¼
Small pinch of salt                                Chocolate sticks 2
Sprinkles any kind                                 Cinnamon (pinch)

Equipment: Glass, spoon any size, teaspoon, microwave, straws and a ice cream scooper

  1. Pour milk into a cup and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes.
  2. Carefully remove and add cocoa powder,salt and sugar.
  3. Stir until combined.
  4. Add vanilla extract and stir.
  5. Add a scoop of  vanilla ice cream 2 chocolate sticks, five to ten marshmallows and sprinkles for a finishing touch and enjoy.
   Tips :  Have adult supervision, add extra toppings how much you like and if you wanted drizzle chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream or add a swirl of whip cream on top with granola.
Variations: Microwave it for less time if you wanted  it  to be a bit more cool.
Prep time 10 to 15 mins

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

W.A.L.T: identify different types of poetry

W.A.L.T: edit a narrative for clarity

Into The Woods With Jack

Once a upon a time, in a land far far away lived Jack and his good-looking mother. They lived in a very cramped cottage. They owned a farm with a black and white friesian cow, four billy goats, a chicken and a rooster. Jack's family was very poor. They only had a portion of porridge and some oats left. But the oats were fed to the animals along with fresh hay.  It was cloudy and stormy that day when Jack and his mother had no more food left. Jack’s mother realised that they needed more money so poor Jack was sent into the mysterious woods with his precious cow. As he walked through the woods he heard the wind howling, sticks crackling under his feet and felt that someone was following him. Suddenly “poof” a horrid witch suddenly appeared out of nowhere and scared Jack and whispered in a screechy voice “Come closer little boy these three beans are magical”. But Jack was too frightened to even say a word the, witch continued “ if you do not trade my beans with your cow your mother shall face great death.“ Miss witch I’ll trade your beans with my cow” he said shivering with fear. Because if he didn’t  his mother would be in great danger and I can tell you for sure Jack didn't want that to happen. Jack’s mother was furious with anger when she found out when her son traded a $550 cow with three miniature and useless beans she threw the beans out  the window and sent Jack into his room without saying a word ,she murmured silently “kids these days don't even know what they’re doing”, But of course Jack couldn't dare to say a word of what happened to him in the woods . The next morning Jack was awakened by his boisterous rooster and sees a colossal beanstalk in the garden. He lied to his mum that he went to fill the pail with fresh, clean water, but with no one noticing Jack sneakily climbed up the towering beanstalk. When Jack reached the top of the beanstalk he saw  a humongous emerald house with a gold knob and slid right under the door and saw a golden, shimmering egg in a pan awaiting to be scrambled. He sneakily climbed up the kitchen cupboard and steals the egg in a jiff he roughly  climbed down the beanstalk ,while he was climbing down he heard yells of anger and despair. He hid the egg from his mother and goes up twice again and steals a feathery goose and a magical harp. Jack was shaking as he hid the three magical objects but at the same time his stomach was rumbling with hunger. When the giant found out that there was an entrance to his most dreamful house up in the clouds  he jumped down and collapsed the town with his giant footsteps. Jack was devastated when he sees nothing but a destroyed town from his shattered bedroom window he goes down the stairs and sees his beloved mother on the ground as he goes down town and finds out that there was a giant that came down the beanstalk and says “stop” before the giant destroyed the royal caste and explains everything to the giant. The giant realised that it is his only chance to make friends. In the end Jack  made a promise with the giant and returned the giants valuables and asked him to fix the town. The giant did so, and Jack was relieved to find that everything was back to normal even his mother was still alive. But his stomach was so loud that the giant even heard it and invited Jack and his mother to his enchanted  house to have a delightful supper. But the hateful witch was still up to no good when she found out her plan was destroyed and torn apart by the most helpless child which was Jack.

Image result for the woodsTHE END!          Image result for A beanstalk