Thursday, 7 June 2018

WALT: Design a prior knowledge poster

WALT: use mnemonics to improve our writing

WALT: Use DAD WAVERS to describe the short film “Treasure”

As the old women looked up at the unwanted city of junk she found things that could still be loved and used for other purposes.“ Bang” As Esther skimmered and scattered through the mountains of decrepit, unwanted junk. As she was rummaging through everything pungent odour raised from the very bottom, and it filled the air with a ghastly smell. “What have we here”said the women as she found something valuable.Living blissfully without a doubt in the middle of the isolated junk yard in the outskirts of town meat more than anything for Esther. She could rummage through the piles of unuseful junk freely without anyone staring at her with glaring eyes and offensive faces. Without any late actions Esther excitedly opened the dusty and somehow life changing music box. As soon as she carefully opened the precious box it played a sweet melody, at first in a blink of an eye she could not see anything other than piles of neatly layered handkerchiefs. She lifted it with full caution and found the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.Walking back to her luxurious cardboard castle, Esther could hardly keep the feeling of joy that surrounded her. No more than a day passed. When the final moment had arrived, Esther had found what she had be craving for. She orientated the prized jewel. Her dreams had slipped out of its cage and made Esther's world came alive. Have you ever seen anything as delightful as this?

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Sina and the eel

Car park Saaftey

Camp Narrative

My Night at Camp

As soon as the light switch flickered it was pitch black, I could no longer see a single thing. For a moment it was silent but after that I heard a whisper then after that someone else decided to secretly talk to their bunk buddies. I could tell who it was from because they were not the greatest at whispering. But the person I could her the most was Tvisha having a little conversation with Madeline. No one else in the girls dorm could get sleep, I would be surprised if someone could get sleep because it sounded like a bunch of boisterous roosters that just  woke up from their cosy beds made out of fresh hay scattered across their delightful hen house . I could tell from the mood of the teachers that stayed up all night listening carefully at girls quarrelling. The wind was howling as if it were majestic wolves barking at the midnight, luminous moon.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Fight to Vote

The fight to vote:

Define and list unfamiliar vocabulary

A bunch of things or a collection of things.

Someone that supports the equality to women

The right for someone to vote in political elections.

feeling, showing, or expressing sympathy.

Petitions- a formal( important) written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause.

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Detailed character description about Kate Shepherd
Kate Shepherd is a women that played a big part in the fight for women to vote.  She is a brave and confident women that spoke up as she was tired of women being so helpless and powerless. She is now on the ten dollar New Zealand bill.  Kate shepherd was a well educated young women who had many skills. She also said that, “We are tired of having to be called “sphere” and of being told that anything outside that sphere is “unwomanly”.  Kate Shepherd  was so famous of her work of suffrage, she even replaced Queen Elizabeth II on the front of the New Zealand ten dollar bill.  Kate Shepherd had a sister named Isabella May, a son named Douglas Shepherd.  She married Lovell Smith which was her first husband, Kate Shepherd travelled with him and his other wife. When he died she got remarried to Walter Shepherd, a shoe keeper.  
Kate Shepherd was born in Liverpool England and died on the 13th of July 1934.  Many people called her Kate Shepherd, however her real name was Katherine "Kate" Wilson Sheppard until she got married when her name changed to Katherine ”Kate” Wilson Maclon.