Tuesday, 20 November 2018

If I was in charge of Athletics Day

If I was in charge of Athletics Day:

Athletics day.  An event that mostly everyone here at Halsey Drive enjoys but I personally think that some changes should be made. For instance the seniors do sports for the whole day while the year threes and twos come after eleven o’clock and followed by that the zeros and ones come right after lunch. I’m not making a complaint about this but I think it's just no fair, plus while cross country's only half the day and we only do a little running we still get ice-blocks. While athletics day involves a ton of sport and we don't get anything to lick on, on a hot summer day. And can you just imagine sitting on the prickly grass trying to cheer you house on but all you get is the sun beaming with full brightness on your skin. There are many cons for athletics day but there are many advantages too because we don't have to do any work, we get to have fun for the whole day, it involves a ton of sporting events so everyone enjoys it and so much more.

Prizes, Prizes, and just more prizes everyone wants a prize. But just imagine, haven't we already given the children a prize, the teachers organised a sports day for us. I think that we’ve already gotten a prize but that's just my opinion. If you want to agree, agree, if you want to disagree you can disagree as well. It's up to you. By the way, the food stalls that are there barely carry any food. I think that we should organise a sausage sizzle to go along with the beverages.

Overall, I think that Athletics day may need some changes but for now it’s fine just the way it is.

The Tornado

The Tornado

As I lay down in a pile of hay I wonder how the day will begin, since it was already sunset I might as well start dreaming about fantasy things. I counted one hundred sheeps and before I even got to twenty I dozed of. “Bak bak pa kak,” is it morning already? No, the sky was still on the dark side, in fact it had become even more evil with grey clouds blocking out the luminous stars but the thing that worried me the most was that there was an undomesticated tornado approaching our farm.

Everyone is gathering all the essentials they need, as well as all the pets, every single animal but me. “Hey what about me? I’m a tiny animal but I am still useful, I lay eggs for ya all every day.” “Hold on, we’ll get you” Harold replies. They all sneak into the secret passageway leading to an underground bunker. In go the children, followed by the animals then the adults. Everyone went in expect me. “Buk, buk, buk pa kak. I was left outdoors with no shelter nearby but hopefully those stupid farmers would notice me.” “Did we get the chicken?” Lilly asked Mum. “Yeah I’m pretty sure we did.” “Oh no, we forgot the chicken” said Harold. He quickly climbed out the passage and ran as fast as he could and collected me and ran back in.

We could all hear the tornado destroying everything above us. All we ever had was breaking into tiny, tiny pieces. Hopefully we never experience something like this ever again. “And now we wait…” Yes this is wayyyyyy worse and foul than being chased around by those pesky little infants.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

WALT: Re craft a piece of writing that we did in term 1

This piece of writing was written in term 1. In week 3 of term 4 we were told to re craft this piece here's my writing

Muriwai trip

“Whoosh” as the tremendous waves approached the decalescent sand, getting smaller and smaller as it headed back to sea.  Everyone was screaming with excitement. Most of the year six’s waited to get into the arenaceous water, as the waves came they splashed everyone and pulled them back, greedily.  If I were to tell you the worst part of going to Muriwai for me was swallowing the saltish water mixed with pure black sand and being pushed out to sea by the towering waves. While we were going to Muriwai there were lots of cows, chickens, sheep as well as horses on the road, which made it way more enjoyable for me.  When we reached Muriwai beach we saw how the fearless lifeguards saved people in great danger, and what they used while surfing and rescuing. They even showed us how to be sun smart and sun safe round the sun since New Zealand has tons of powerful rays of sunlight. The skits that we made were quite amusing and explained a lot on how to be safe from the ocean and what to do if your drowning. Since we were talking about drowning, a lifeguard told us a funny story of someone not boogie boarding between the flags, and before you knew it he was drowning. After all you can’t always be safe in the water!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Pen Pal Letter

Room 6
Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive School Road

Hi Dhruvi,

I received your letter and I also agree that we have a lot in common. Have you enjoyed term three so far. Some of the things in term three were challenging for me, so far the most challenging part was speeches since you had to stand in front of your class and deliver at least a three minute speech, and trust me my presentation wasn't anywhere near of what you would expect. At school I have quite a few friends and most of them are pretty amiable. But one of the most exciting events in term three is market day since you make handmade products and sell them for a reasonable price. The weather in Auckland is unpredictable, especially when it's a beautiful day with the sun shining luminously then all of a sudden it starts raining out of nowhere. Year six is an important and probably the most exciting year because we get to experience all sorts of things such as camp, different responsibilities, genius hours and so much more. Genius hour is pretty fun to do but it requires a lot of planning, most of the plans I have in my head work out perfectly but in reality they just aren't the way I imagined them. How is your term getting along? Anyway I really enjoyed writing to you and I hope to see you again.

Your Pen Pal, Naysha  


Alien Diary Entries:

Siya :
Arising from my bed, I prepare myself for another day of plotting how to take over Earth, and those humans ( A scaleless creature that has a brain the size of a pea )  dressed like they are perfectionists but all the aliens know that they are truly monsters. One day, sooner or later, they will be our slaves as we will take over the world. Anyway, I have to now go to our S.A.B.M also known as special alien board meeting. Those stupid little pests have no idea what’s gonna hit them , they don’t even know we exist. Mwah, Mwah, Mwah.” So do we all agree to the fact that humans need to be taught a lesson”  were the words that my boss spoke. We all knew the answer to this question . “Yes “ we all said collaborated into one voice. We worked out our strategy and came upon the conclusion that we would attack tonight at 12 : 00. I can't wait for tonight were probably the thoughts that were flooding through everyone's brains. Those pesky humans thought they were safe but little did they know what was in store for them. Another small detail that we had to discuss was the fact that what would we do with those humans. Should we make them our slaves or make them into our desired possessions such as human skin ( blankets ), human blood ( a refreshing drink ) and even human kidneys ( stress balls ) ?   As the meeting came to an end , night had fallen upon us so we all scurried home to have dinner. Yum, yum , yummy in my tum, tum, tummy. Today I was going to devour some human jelly, human soup and even humans blood curry. Soon I had finished by meal and decided to call it a night but not before I apply by favourite nail polish, human nail polish. I applied strokes of nail polish all over my long perfect nails. Tonight I plan to take over Earth with all the other aliens. Have sweet dreams, my favourite diary. OMG, OMG, OMG , it is time to attack on those pesky, interfering humans. I quickly hurry to our UFO before they leave without me , the head boss and a couple of other aliens have arrived. We will have to wait.
10 mins later :
Our whole squad is here and we all sprint towards the main UFO ( the one our boss was in ) but unluckily some of our team have to get transported in another one of our other UFO ś . We zoomed through the sky and soon were about to land in an abandoned forest. Bye for now.


Waking up in the life of an alien and organizing a plan to take over planet earth,  Ugh! Just seeing those brutal monsters taking over the planet that we’ve been trying to  take over for multiple years. Getting prepared for the S.A.M.B. so excited, Those pesky little parasites have no idea what is going to hit them, They don’t even know we exist!  ( In our S.A.B.M. it was time for our big fat head boss to speak. “It is time we put an end to this apocalypse’’ the head boss said. All of the others said “yes sir yes mwah ha ha ha.” “If anyone objects speak now or forever stay silent‘’ said the big fat  head boss. “I’m so hungry mmmm what should I eat today oooooh jelly, human soup or maybe human blood curry?? Yummy, yummy, yummy for my tum tum tummy. Ahhh I would love to have a manicure I haven’t had one in ages. Mmmmmmmmm what colour should I get for my nails? oh, how about human nail polish!”  The alien manicurist brushed the soft bristles of the nail polish brush over my nails then said, “Well that will be 10 asteroids please.” I gave her 10 asteroids and it was time for bed. I know we only own Mars but tomorrow is the day we take over planet Earth then we will own 2 planets!! mwah ha ha ha . Now i’m lying here imagining what things I could make out the human body’s like eyeball stress balls, a human skin coat and human flesh carpets that's something that would be in my alien house...

Rising as if I were the morning sun, I climbed out of my bed. My pleasant dream just had to end. As I walked to the S.A.M.B (Special Alien Board Meeting) wondering what my next action would be, “ Would we become friends with those lovely humans or would we finish them for good” . As I slammed the door behind me, there were thirty sets of eyes looking at me, as I awkwardly sat in my chair everyone started gossiping. Suddenly there were sound awaking footsteps that rose in volume as the head of the aliens approached. None of us had seen this head master especially me. From my perspective the head looked like a hideous mythical creature that hadn't had a manicure since ages, she had long nails that had grooved edges, a completely bald head with bits of hair sticking out from the ends and a very malicious voice, the other aliens would probably think she was pulchritudinous but not this particular alien. I chuckled silently, I mean who wouldn't laugh at a horrid alien that thinks she’s better than the rest. We couldn't really see the leader but since this was a very formal occasion we did and trust me I wouldn't want to see her again. “ For today's meeting I have called every single Alien on Mars, and the topic of today's meeting is humans”. Seriously why did it have to be humans because after all I am a human that had been kidnaped and turned into a stupid alien. I knew that later we would discuss something sinister. All eyes were on me including the head of Aliens. “Whoops didn't mean to say that out loud”, I said in a very shy tone. “Shall we continue”. Everyone one was going to reply but the cruel Alien continued, “ We are going to finish those humans for good and take over the world, Mwah ha ha  ha ha” she said as she rubbed her slim hands together vigorously. I was hoping that she didn't actually mean that, but boy I was wrong. The whole alien force had come up with a self explanatory strategy to conquer the world, and I didn't want to be a part of it. But in the end I expected to be one of those ghastly creatures that would conquer the world. But I didn't. I can thank myself later. As the meeting came to an end all us aliens got served blood human soup along with magic jelly imported from the Magic Kingdom and a beverage that was made of bubbling sprite with human eyeballs as well as ears. “Ewww” I mumbled. I just figured out that I was the only one who was complaining. I swirled and twirled and wirled and saw every single Alien digging in. As I started fake coughing I asked the head if I could leave the room. Taking the magic jelly only and hiding it in my sleeves as I really wanted to try it, I walked towards the door trying to act as casual as I could, but that didn’t go so well. As soon as I shut that door that lead to another trapping dimension behind me I ran, as fast as I could until I reached my UFO home. That was a long day. But I can't wait for tomorrow as I would be back to my normal self since being a fake Alien only lasts a day. The night had come so early that the stars were glistening right above me. I looked up and knew that I would never have to be in an Alien's shoes for a day. Good night and sweet dreams. As i’m locking up my precious box of secrets and hiding the key under my dreamy pillow. I knew I could only trust you. See you next time my dear diary! Bye for now. “Ahhh” as I lay in bed glancing up at the ceiling having a short grin on my face, wondering what kind of day tomorrow has kept for me.

Play - How aliens plan to take over Earth
Short play

Naysha: Main boss ( Stellar)
Eliza:  Assistant ( Eclipse )
Siya: Narrator


We have now all been transported into this room to discover how aliens plan to take over Earth. Naysha is the main boss named Stellar while Eliza is the assistant named Eclipse.

Naysha - So, I have called you here today to discuss our strategy to take over the world and if everything goes as planned, we will be able to attack tomorrow. I need you to tell all our fellow citizens about our plan.

Eliza - Ok, head boss. I am ready to help you take over the world and teach those pesky interfering scientists a lesson. UGH, those stupid brats.

Naysha - First, we will need to gather 30 UFO ś, so we can transport all our aliens to this foreign world named Earth. I hope some of them can lend us their UFO’s as we can't afford enough UFO´s for our whole gang. Next we have to take off and land on planet Earth safely without any problems. Did you hear me ? No problems.

Eliza -  I heard you boss, no problems. Though, we will have to buy loads and loads of human petrol which will cost 5,000 asteroids. I think we can borrow a loan from the galaxy bank as they are having a special offer where we only have to pay 5 % interest.

Naysha - You dummy , that's a lot of money. We should get a loan from the Star bank as there offer is only 1 % interest.

Eliza - Good thinking boss, I guess that's why you were made boss. I thought you had bribed the old boss as that's what everyone else thinks.

Naysha - Excuse me, out of my office.

Eliza walks out with a quick bye.

Naysha - Get back in here, I didn´t mean it. We still have to discuss the rest of our strategy. NOW !!! Hurry up

Unluckily Eclipse had already left the office and the boss was locked in and was left there for the whole night until the morning when the cleaners unlocked it.

The End

Aliens Flashback  - News report

  1. Aliens live on mars.
  2. Aliens were formed 3.5 billion years ago and made from bacteria.
  3. Aliens do exist and they actually eat humans.
  4. Alien life can also be called extraterrestrial life.
  5. How are aliens smarter than us.
  6. Aliens mostly have their brains inside of their arms, and each of their arms act like they have a brain of their own.
  7. Cephalopod relatives such as octopuses , cuttlefish and squids are the most alien like creatures on earth.
  8. Humans have searched for aliens for at least eighty years, that's not very long.

Aliens. Are they real, are they going to take over the world using their magical skills ? So many questions , that means there should be answers. So today we're going to be answering some very important questions about aliens. First of all, are aliens real ? According to NASA, aliens live on Mars and came about 3.5 billion years ago and are made from bacteria. No, it is not a lie as scientists have even found proof and have seen many UFOs circulating Earth. Aliens also have been known to eat humans. GHASTLY !!!  What will happen to our beautiful planet Earth? will this be the last time we ever see the light of day? In 2008, at a Tennessee College campus, there was a sighting of a UFO with over 200 witnesses that included three policemen who remained anonymous. Scientists predict that “aliens” are already living on earth but we just don't realize it. Here's our opinion, we think that aliens are real because of the proof different websites have given us. We also think that there might be a slight chance of aliens invading Earth. Now WATCH OUT !!! Stayed tuned for further information on the first alien invasion on our planet. Bye for now.